Forest 2- 1 Town

We picked up where we had finished off the previous game by Tom Lees scoring his third goal in 2 games with a header from a corner on the 13th minute and Town did create further chances which with better composure would have seen in us in a strong position. The game was very even though with Forest having most of the posession and backed by a vociferous home crowd which swayed the ref a little. The result could have gone eitehr way and in the end Forest saw it through coming from behind with goals from Surridge and Yates in the first half. Town were under strength and it did show at times. Ruffels making a mistake for the winner and a lack of strength in the midfield.

Blackman 5, Sarr 5, Lees 6, Pearson 6, Russels 4, Hogg 5, Eiting 5, Pipa 5, Thomas 6 (MOM), Sinani 4, Holmes 5.

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