Town 1-1 Stoke

The points shared in a game which Huddersfield should have won with how we started the game. In the end a share of the points was a fair result as Stoke were well on top in the second half.

Town were camped out in the Stoke half until getting the brakethrough on 27 minutes. Koroma who had his best game of the season scoring with a slight deflection from outside the area. We were fortunate that Koroma was still on the pitch as he could have been red carded earlier. Having said that we thoroughly deserved to be ahead by that point and should have ensured that the game was put to bed in the first half but after scoring we alowed Stoke possession and hadn’t taking enough advantage of our earlier dominance. Despite being on top Stoke did have a couple of chances in teh first period which we had to be grateful to Nicholls for keeping them at bay.

The second period we camped out in our half allowing Stoke all of the time and posession and only challenging them on the edge of the area. It was no surprise that Stoke got the goal back with us on the backfoot. Pearson turned down a chance to clear and after a couple of efforts failed to find the net Brown who undid us at Stoke scored again. Having conceded the game bacame end to end and we had the chance to win the game but with panic setting in from both sides there was no surprise that it turned out even in the end.

Should Kororma have been sent off. Probably, he was second to a ball that 2 players were going at full pelt for. It looked like he tried pulling out but only succeeded in dangling his foot in and with the Stoke man coming across he connected with the udnerside of Koromas boot. Late on I felt that Allen should have been sent off for what looked like a blatant 2 footed studs up challange to halt Thomas attacking but watching it back only a yellow should have been shown, but again another challenge that the referee totally missed.



Again consistently good, both with handling and shot stopping. Arguably our signing of the season.

Rating 8


Good at the back and handled Fletcher and his flying elbows well throughout.

Rating 7


On several occasions he misplaced passes and in the end it was his failure to clear that presented the opportunity for the equaliser.

Rating 4


Was quite solid at the back. Offered little in attack but did the basics well.

Rating 6


Had a good first half despite some wayward passing. In teh second he sat too deep and failed to dictate the tempo and brake up the Stoke momentum.

Rating 5


Struggled at times to be a threat going forward. We do find this when Koroma is in teh side operating in a wide left position.

Rating 6


Was very good in teh first half driving Town forward and operating in the Stoke half. In the second phase he dropped deep and failed to get on the ball.

Rating 7


Linked up play well in the second half but disappeared in the second. When defending a lead Sinani does drop far too deep.

Rating 5


Was a constant threat in both halves, but needed to be goven the licence to operate further forward in the second half.

Rating 7


Despite the potential red card this was Koromas’ best performance this season in the first half. Again he disappeared in the second half.

Rating 7


Was very busy and looked full of confidence. The service dried up though as soon as we took the lead.

Rating 6


Substitutions should have happened earlier in the match as the game had gone from our grasp as the start of the second half. We need to be braver once taking the lead and continue to play attacking football. We were good until taking the lead and have too often thrown away leads. If we are 2 or 3 in front then we can go defensive but not at 1-0. It will work some of the time but that definately felt like 2 points thrown away again.

Rating 6

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