Town 1-0 Millwall

Never going to be an easy game against Millwall and it proved that way. The side from London made it difficult for us all game and kept things tight really restricting any space in which to operate. Millwall started fairly brightly but in all honesty never threatened much all game. Their best opening coming in the second half when Bradshaw was put through but Pearson recovered well with a last ditch tackle.

After the opening 15 minutes Town setled down and dictated play although in the first half it was a little slow and predictable. We had a few shots all off target the best opening coming to Ward from a Thomas cross but that blazed over the bar. In the second half we got more ball in the box and saw 2 scrambled efforts forced off the line in a packed penalty area. We got the deserved goal on 82 minutes from MOM Hogg with what must be his first headed goal for Town. A fair result in the end although we left it till late.



Anotehr good strong performance. One mistake in the first half with a ball direct to the MIllwall front line but other than that faultless yet again.

Rating 7


Good and steady at the back again. Play out of defence in the first half was a little slow but dependable as ever.

Rating 7


Agaon another good performance. Read the game well and put on a quality challenge to dispossess Bradshaw with Millwalls’ best opening.

Rating 7


Good steady performance and distribution was a little bit today.

Rating 7


For me was already MOM before his goal. He was everywhere braking up all the Millwall attacks and, particularly in the second half setting Town up on the attack. Was looking back to his best again today and great to see him provide the winner n the end.

Rating 8


Played a little deeper today and failed to really dictate the pace. He had one good run n the second half when he drove at the Millwall back line. Perhaps his instructions were to sit in today in which case he did it well but I felt we did not see teh strengths of O’Brien today.

Rating 5


Tried to link up play and was as ever busy buit really struggling to find that goal or assist from open play. Maybe he could do with a break or to be played the full 90 minutes but does do a good job for the side.

Rating 5


Probed down the left in the first half and when Koroma came on late on he moved a little more inside to create space for Koroma. Had a decent game without really being able to affect things in the final third. Did come close with a deflected shot in the second period.

Rating 6


Put in a delightful cross for Ward in teh first period but did not see enough of the ball in dangerous areas in the first half. In teh second half he did and had a couple of good openings to test the keeper but poor composure as they were well off target. Was looking a little frustrated with himself but just needed to settle down and start doing the basics well again. Was a constant threat though for the opposition.

Rating 6


In his best form for the side at present, found space well despite Millwall having a rigid defensive set up. He caused them problems but just struggled to get that final opening.

Rating 7


Was very busy closing down from the front and creating space for his side. Looking fot at the moment and just needs to keep on working hard and the goals will come.

Rating 7


I think the set up was good today. Play was a little flat at times in teh first half and we really needed to be a bit brighter in this period as 1-0 is never a comfortable result. We did not get the best out of O’Brien today and perhaps the substitutes could have come on earlier. Koroma stretched the play a bit more and Campbell put the defence under pressure when they came on which was positive but maybe that should have happened earlier. Having said that we got the 3 points so we cannot complain.

Rating 7

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