Champioship game 7

Blackpool 0-3 Town

A great result in what could have been a tricky match. Blackpool came into the game fresh from a victory agaonst Fulham and we slipped at Stoke. There wasn’t much to choose between the 2 in the first half. Toffolo had a decent opportunity and Sinani had a deflected shot on the stroke of half time that nearly deflected in. Equally though Blackpool had a couple of decent openings of which Nicholls saved well with a well struck effort. Defensively though we looked solid, but our play going forward was slow and support for Ward was not very quick to appear.

The second half was entirely different. No shots on target in the first half but we corrected that from the off. Koroma and Sinani operated closer to Ward and Koroma found a bit of space 25 yards out and unleashed a shot into the top corner. Blackpool came straight back at us like Stoke did on Saturday but we held firm and 6 minutes later Sinani delivered a corner which Pearson headed home for his third of the season. With Blackpool then there for the taking O’Brien closed down the defence high up the pitch and the ball broke for Koroma. His effort rebounded to Hogg, who from outside the area volleyed expertly home. To be fair to Blackpool they did not give up and Josh Bowler continued to cause us problems but we coped well and could have added more.



Again Nicholls was solid. Controlled the area well and when he was required he saved well. Very dependable and you can see that the defence has complete trust in him.

Rating 7


Solid again and whilst play was slow in the first half he did everything he needed to do.

Rating 7


Solid at the back both in the air and on the ground. Got on the end of the corner for our second.

Rating 8


Very reliable throughout and offers a good base for Toffolo to be able to attack down the left. Good to have him back in the starting line up.

Rating 7


Solid and reliable performance. Was everywhere winning the ball and looking to move the side forward. Took his goal well when there was still plenty to do to convert his chance.

Rating 8


Closed down well and won the ball all over the pitch. A lot better performance than Saturday and earned the opening for our third.

Rating 7


Struggled to find space in the first half but did his defensive duties well. In the second half he was afforded space as Blackpool pressed forward and caused them a lot more problems.

Rating 7


Played with a reall freedom. He was everywhere winning the ball and building attacks. A lively performance and you can tell that he is really enjoying his football. For me the MOM.

Rating 8


Struggled to get into the game in the first half but showed what he is capable of with his secind half finish. Was a little guilty at times of being greedy and not spotting a player in a better position but a good performance in the end.

Rating 7


Struggled to get into the game in the first half as the ball was coming to slowly into the front line but so much better in the second half when there was more space. Likes to come infield which affords Thomas more space on the right. Delivered a good corner for the Pearson goal.

Rating 7


Put himself about in the first half defending from the front but his team mates were never close to him and his movement was too predictable.

Rating 5


As much as I would like to see us dominate for 90 minutes on the front foot you cannot fault that we got a good result based largely on a strong 45 minutes. We have a pattern of play of keep ourselves in the game and then try and play on the front foot in the second period and it appears to suit us. When working as a team it is very affective so long may it continue.

Rating 8

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