Premier League game 2

Brighton 2-0 Watford

Brighton surprised me with their fluid movement throughout the game. They could have and perhaps should have won by a more comfortable margin but tended to overplay it a little at times. I enjoyed watching their movement both off an on the ball. Against better opposition though they may not have as many chances and so the concern is that they failed to capitalise on a lot of opportunities and that might cause a problem when playing the better sides.

Watford were the complete opposite, I expected Watford to be strong physically and then attacking with pace and drive. They never got into their stride and found that they were chasing shadows with the game passing them by. Watford should have been looking at this game as a chance to pick up some points but they now need to learn quickly from the result or they could be in difficulties this season.

West Ham 4 -1 Leicester

West Ham were impressive, yes in fairness Leicester helped them get a foothold in this game but they did the basics well, held a good shape and broke with purpose. They play to the strengths of Antonio with balls into his body and Soyuncu could not compete. If West Ham can build some consistancy then they can go on and have another good season.

Leicester were not at the races before Perez picked up his red card whcih then compounded the situation. They did pick a goal against the run of play and for a couple of minutes the belief returned but it soon dissipated. I’m not sure if Vardy had a touch of the ball before going off after 81 minutes. In all honesty he is the type of player who can go missing in games, but he is just as likely to be the main man for Leicester. Soyuncu played into Antonios’ hands by trying to be physical against him, perhaps he never fully recovered from the poor backpass that presented United with their second goal. All in all Leicester were second best all over the park but they are too good for that form to continue.

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